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Designed to be simple and timeless, Endearing Cloth is a collection of patterns for the home sewist. Each pattern is intentionally created to bring a little extra romance to everyday life, and make the clothing one wears a little more dear.

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Ana has been a longtime friend. She’s the kind of garment you don’t ever have to think about or fuss with. She’s there when you need her, quickly set free when you don’t, and brings just the right amount of romance to everyday life.


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Endearing Everyday was started as an exercise in gratitude and practicing simplicity, an attempt to remember and appreciate things often overlooked. What began as a collection of thoughts and memories centered on simplicity and gratitude for the gift of beauty, joy, and grace in the everyday, turned into a creative blog on the very same topics, with a particular focus on sewing a handmade wardrobe.


Get to Know Me

Endearing Cloth was created by Emily of Endearing Everyday, a creative lifestyle blog focussed on seeking beauty in the everyday things of life through soulful & creative living. Emily Learned to sew when she was young from her grandmother, a lifelong sewist. Picking up the skill again as an adult, she fell completely in love with sewing a handmade wardrobe, not only for the unique things she was able to make but also for what they were teaching her about life along the way. While creating many of her designs for herself, she became passionate about helping other sewists in their handmade journey and is excited to start creating patterns for the sewing community.